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Deionised or Distilled Water

Deionised Water

Deionized water may contain contamination in the form of bits of ion exchange resin - substances used to remove ions from water. Not recommended to drink.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is the most natural form of distillation and Steam Distilled Water is commonly consumed.

We use only Twice Steam Distilled Water for Colloidal Silver


Best will be to quote the authorities: “It has been concluded that the consumption of low TDS water, naturally occurring or received from a treatment process, does not result in harmful effects to the human body. This is based upon the following points: No public health organization with authority over the drinking water quality anywhere in the world has enacted or even proposed a minimum requirement for total dissolved minerals in drinking water. The human body's own control mechanism (homeostasis) regulates the mineral content of the body fluids and the discharge of different types of ions from the body of normal health individuals drinking water with low or high mineral content. Several types of scientific literature searches have found no harmful effects to the human body attributable to the consumption of low TDS water. Review of the Soviet report has shown that the scientific methods used are questionable and the conclusions are either vague or unsupported by the data. Many examples of real-world situations in which large populations have been and continue to be provided exclusively with low TDS water without any reported unusual or ill health effects, establishes the safety of consuming such waters by human beings.” WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION SCIENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE 1992-1993 With Review By Dr. Lee T. Rozelle PDF File