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What is the best

Colloidal Silver Generator

Person who has been using Colloidal Silver for some time and see usefulness of it starts to wonder if it would  be cheaper to get a Colloidal Silver Maker, or how it is sometimes called, Generator. First lets define Colloidal Silver and the current technology as well as the technics of Colloidal Silver making.


Colloidal Silver

Is a liquid with silver particles suspended in it. So "Colloidal Silver", "Ionic Silver", "Particle  Silver", "Nano Silver", "Nano Particle Silver" - these are all the same terms referring to the same "Colloidal  Silver" which is silver suspended in water.

Ionic Silver

Refers to ionic nature of colloidal silver.

Particle Silver

Refers to particle nature of colloidal silver.

Nano Silver

Refers to particle size of colloidal silver.

Nano Particle Silver

Same as above, refers to particle size of colloidal silver. An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number  of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge. It appears that the names are used to confuse and disorient the user.


All known safe methods of making Colloidal Silver are based on electrolysis with use of silver. Where the electrified silver rods make particles to break from the rods and suspend in water.

Purity of particles depend on purity of used silver. Size of particles depends on electric current

applied to rods. Ionization depends on electric potential applied to rods.

All these makes the basis for technical necessities for Colloidal Silver Maker.

Now - to achieve

Purity of silver particles

Use purest silver rods available.

Size of particles

Apply the right current  to the rods.


Apply the right electric potential to the rods All mentioned must be in harmony to result in nano-particles to be created and that those particles will have  the right charge.

Now - what is the current state of knowledge of how it should be

99.99% silver rods are available in many on-line stores. Some retailers claim the highest purity confirmed by …   their own certificate - whm @?!~# - the certificates I give for my kittens are much better quality and make,  then the ones you get from them - not talking even about recognition of such certificates. Size of particles is achieved by applying no more than fraction of a milliamp per square centimetre of the rods  submerged in liquid. Ionization is achieved by applying couple dozen volts to the rods.

Testing Quality of Colloidal Silver Maker

If you have a Colloidal Silver Maker and want to test it for its parameters then do these: 1. Make heavy solution of colloidal silver - depends on sensitivity of the test. If the test has 10 ppm  sensitivity for led or copper then to detect copper or led in sterling silver you would need minimum a 150  ppm solution made - sterling silver has 8% of led or copper contents. 2. Buy the tests for contaminants for Led, Copper and other heavy metal contaminants. You can  get them in various commonly used on-line shops. They are used for testing drinking water or for "fish tank  water quality test". Led and Copper are sometimes used to create an alloy of silver. 3. Test it with "water quality tests" - if you get copper - it is OK - good for Arthritis - but led - o dear! 4. Using electrical meter test the maker for voltage and current by connecting probes to electrodes  of CSM. If the current is too high then size of the particles will be too big to act as expected. If the voltage is too high or too low - then the balance of negative and positive charge will not be in  harmony, again making particles to not act as expected. Other factors effecting quality of Colloidal Silver Exposure to following will lower the quality - particle's charge, oxidation, introduction of impurities, subtle  energy potential. 1. Light - almost all of CS Makers on the market have transparent containers for CS making - o dear! 2. Magnetic Field - one of Colloidal Silver Makers on the market uses magnetic field to stir the water in  it - o dear! 3. Electro-magnetic fields - radio waves or electromagnetic radiation - one of Colloidal Silver Makers on  the market has container on top of it exposing CS to electromagnetic fields - o dear! 4. Metals - one of Colloidal Silver Makers on the market uses metal to stir the water in it - o dear! 5. Plastics - one of Colloidal Silver Makers on the market uses plastic to stir the water in it - o dear! 6. Air - surface of CS in container should be limited as much as possible - exposure to impurities in air  and unequal ionization of the air - one of Colloidal Silver Makers on the market uses air bubbling in the  container to stir the water - o dear! 7. Negative subtle energies (very complex and broad subject - I will talk about it and about the water in  another article). Subtle energies & colloidal silver Energies interacting with living entities are present in environment and have ability to influence the  substances like water and silver. I almost hear it "this guy is insane" - I say, to quote a few - have a read of "Hidden Messages In Water" by  Masuru Emoto, or read "Frequency: The power of Personal Vibration" by Penney Peirce

What all it means

1. Some elements influence the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver. 2. Store the CS in glass dimmed container like Amber Glass. 3. Store the CS bottle made of amber glass in aluminium or metallized container like  "Mylar" bag. 4. Store the CS away from WiFi, Two Way Radio, electrical equipment even far from cables. 5. Store the CS in places not exposed to subtle negative energies. I store CS in high concentration for short periods in plastic  container for transportation as glass can weight as much as  CS in it - practical for short periods like transportation.  Also - CS should be made with distilled water - twice distilled  is the best, no need for further distillation. Metals in water  destabilise CS making process and after CS is made, it  deteriorates.

Construction of CS Maker

Now lets talk about how CS Makers are made. The core of the CSM is the circuit regulating the voltage and current. If the right voltage is provided externally then only current regulation is required. There are multiple kinds of current regulators on the market anyone which keeps the current right is the good one. Rest is the casing, cables, clips and things like indicating diodes for showing power-on or battery level  indication. If provided voltage is unregulated (changing over time) or is too high or too low then step-up, step- down or regulation is needed. Again that is done by voltage regulators - multiple on the market. Also - change of polarity of the rods and water circulation is recommended  - as per my knowledge none  of CSM have this ability to change polarity as it is very hard to achieve and keep voltage & current right - it  multiplies the electronics in CSM if even possible to be achieved. One CSM making provider showed the picture of electronics supportingly taken with the circuit board - that  was not what would be inside - o dear!

Making CS with CS Maker

Some of CS Makers are provided with the glass container. Water is placed in it and electrodes - silver rods are  submerged in distilled water and connected to device. Make sure that electrodes are placed in the same distance within the full length of the rod. Significant  differences in distance will make current and electrons to use the closest distance point between the rods as  exit gate and in result create bigger and varying sizes of particles than expected and with different or  varying levels of positive and negative charge. Then there are two ways of approach - the first - the best one where you stir the liquid with glass spoon or -  the second - more popular - you leave it over period of time.

CS have superior quality if water circulates around the electrodes.

After period of time, particles suspend in water and create CS. If the second method is used where the liquid is  not stirred - it takes multiple time, more than the first method - the particles tend to stick together creating  snowflakes and snow effects in the liquid that lowers insignificantly the quality of CS. In any situation you have  to transfer freshly made CS to storage container filtering it with unbleached coffee filter - bleached ones may  contaminate CS insignificantly with bleach used in whitening process. Some filters are whitened with oxygen  which is better but again it may contaminate CS insignificantly. Next, you polish the rods with plastic sponge  used to clean the kitchen stuff - do not use metal made things to clean the rods as it may leave metal residue  on rods or with the course of time - sand off the significant portion of the silver. Clean the container in which CS been made with salt - every chemical lives residue on the surface even nicely  washed - even on the surface of the glass - salt is neutral - even residue salt will not contaminate extensively  CS. Next you test CS for concentration of silver particles by use of TDS Meter - Total Dissolved Solids Meter -  used to test quality of the water - best one is the one with temperature compensation feature. Some of the  Makers use the same method of testing like TDSM to automatically stop the making process - not very  accurate method. If the concentration is to high then dilute the solution with distilled water or dilute it with clean water just  before use.

Recommended concentration of CS is 10 ppm - particles per millilitre.

What can go wrong

If the particles create “flakes” and those flakes collect in excess creating connection to the surface of the glass  and the silver creates “stains” - that leads to short circuit and the current flows directly between the rods -  stopping creation of colloidal silver or limiting concentration of particles in water. With the course of time rods will start to wear off - they should wear off equally - meaning the current flows  between rods equally proportionate to the surface of the rods. If rods wear not equally - for example making  rods thin at the ends - it means that more current flows in that point - rods are not symmetrically  positioned creating particles bigger then expected.

Last words

With all the information in this article even unskilled electronic can make CS Maker - at least I believe in that. If  it is too complicated for you - buy CS Maker on the market. Now you know how to find the right one.

Interesting: Silver is more rare than Gold! Higher demand for Gold makes Gold more expensive than 


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