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Healing Silver

S1 Colloidal Silver Generator

General Description

Almost all known methods of generating Colloidal Silver are based on process of Electrolyses where electric current passing through silver electrodes makes silver particles of the electrodes to be realised to the water in which electrodes are submerged. The quality and propensities of the Colloidal Silver depend on parameters of the electric current passing through silver rods. The Voltage and Current must be set appropriately to the silver rods used in the process in order to produce highest quality Ionic Nano Particle Silver sometimes described and known as Colloidal Silver. Generally speaking the name Colloidal Silver describes a liquid with big size particles of silver suspended in water - Healing Silver Colloidal Silver Generators produce much smaller ionised particles nano millimetres in size - much smaller then typical colloidal silver, making the end product in the category of Ionic Nano Particle Silver liquid - name colloidal silver is used to avoid confusion and disorientation making the product to be easily recognised.

Idea behind the design

The idea behind the design is: small size to enable portable size - the essential set can fit into medium jar making is a “must have” for urban survivalists and preppers - EMP resistant design & bag low power consumption of 30 mAmp - again, essential where power is a luxury reliable design - is designed in the way to minimise possible break down The apparatus produce around 30V - it is a safe voltage - you can touch the rods when connected to apparatus.

EMP Resistance Demonstration Video - “Armageddon” Edition


This model works on 9V single battery or mains via power adapter - also works with any power source 3V to 30V via adapter or additional battery holder with 9V battery socket. It has voltage stabilisation circuit - automatically adopts to power source. Depending on the kit you have - the different power options are available. S1 Standard Kit - includes AA battery holder S1 Deluxe Kit - includes AA battery holder and mains power adapter S1 “Apocalypse” - no AA battery holder included - runs on 9V battery - optional AA battery holders or mains power adapter  can be purchased I tested it on 9V rechargeable battery 800mAh - it worked for 20 hours (bear in mind that described battery capacity is calculated by discharging battery with 1/20 of its capacity - if you take more then 1/20 of its capacity then it will discharge earlier). You can even connect it to motorbike or car battery via adapter. To conclude - it has been designed to make around 250 ml 10 ppm of Colloidal Silver on single 9V rechargeable battery.

Operation Manual - Making CS

Some of CS Makers are provided with the glass container. Water is placed in it and electrodes - silver rods are  submerged in distilled water and connected to device. Make sure that electrodes are placed in the same distance within the full length of the rod and on the sides of the jar opening. Significant  differences in distance will make current and electrons to use the closest distance point between the rods as  exit gate and in result create bigger and varying sizes of particles than expected. Then there are two ways of approach - the first - the best one where you stir the liquid with non metal or glass spoon, or -  the second - more popular - you leave it over period of time - about 8 to 12 hours. CS have superior quality if water circulates around the electrodes. After period of time, particles suspend in water and create CS. If the second method is used where the liquid is  not stirred - it takes multiple time, more than the first method - sometimes the particles tend to stick together creating  snowflakes and snow effects in the liquid that lowers insignificantly the quality of CS. In any situation you have  to transfer freshly made CS to storage container filtering it with unbleached paper coffee filter - bleached ones may  contaminate CS insignificantly with bleach used in whitening process. Some filters are whitened with oxygen  which is better but again it may contaminate CS insignificantly. Next, you polish the rods with plastic sponge  used to clean the kitchen stuff - do not use metal made things to clean the rods as it may leave metal residue  on rods or with the course of time - sand off the significant portion of the silver. Clean the container in which CS been made with salt - every chemical leaves residue on the surface even nicely  washed - even on the surface of the glass - salt is neutral - even residue salt will not contaminate extensively  CS. Next you test CS for concentration of silver particles by use of TDS Meter - Total Dissolved Solids Meter. If the concentration is to high then dilute the solution with distilled water or dilute it with clean water just  before use. Recommended concentration of CS is 10 ppm - particles per millilitre. DO NOT TEST THE CONCENTRATION OF CS WHEN THE GENERATOR IS CONNECTED AS THE ELECTRICITY FROM THE GENERATOR WILL DAMAGE THE TDS METER

What can go wrong

If the particles create “flakes” and those flakes collect in excess creating connection to the surface of the glass  and the silver creates “stains” - that leads to short circuit and the current flows directly between the rods -  stopping creation of colloidal silver or limiting concentration of particles in water. With the course of time rods will start to wear off - they should wear off equally - meaning the current flows  between rods equally proportionate to the surface of the rods. If rods wear not equally - for example making  rods thin at the ends - it means that more current flows in that point - rods are not symmetrically  positioned.

Time & Conditions

Times & quantities in approximation when left without stirring: 200ml 10ppm = 8h to 10h 350ml 10ppm = 10h to 12h 500ml 10ppm = 24h to 28h Conditions: dark room or cabinet - best to leave overnight in dark. Far from other electronic equipment like speakers or computers.


Colloidal Silver loses it healing potency if exposed for long time to light, electromagnetic & magnetic fields, electrically charged materials like plastic. If you do not have Amber Glass Bottle - use normal glass bottle or jar and wrap it with aluminium foil. Glass amber bottle placed in metallised bag is the best for long term storage of Colloidal Silver.


If water used for Colloidal Silver making is not the high class steam distilled water - that will lower healing potency of Colloidal Silver. The best is twice steam distilled water. Do not use deionised water.


Colloidal Silver should be filtered after making. Best and most suitable is unbleached  paper coffee filter - available in supermarkets in coffee section. Sometimes the making process can create invisible or visible snowflake like particles - filtering removes imperfections in particles. Filtering removes imperfections in particles.

Illustration of how it looks - B2 used for demonstration

B2 Colloidal Silver Generator - Standard Kit

Made for home use. Simple and cheap - uses special power adapter for use with main power. No need for batteries.  uses little electricity - less then 0.1 Ampere (100 ma) no batteries required socket adapter for destination country included produces nano particles TDS Meter, Silver Rods, Wood Stick included in the kit

B2 Colloidal Silver Generator - Deluxe Kit

Made for home use. Simple and cheap - uses special power adapter for use with main power. No need for batteries.  uses little electricity - less then 0.1 Ampere (100 ma) no batteries required socket adapter for destination country included produces nano particles TDS Meter, Jar, Silver Rods, Wood Stick, Atomiser, Dropper and Nasal Spray included in the kit

38 EUR




60 EUR