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What is the best Colloidal Silver

General Rule

When it comes to choose the Colloidal Silver general rules apply. And what are the General Rules. If you looking for a product you most likely have some knowledge about the relevance of the qualities of the product lake in the case of the car it might be the engine size and class etc. When it comes to CS majority of people do not have the knowledge what to look for in CS. Partially it is because of the state of knowledge on the subject or its publicity.

Knowledge and publicity.

We living in the age of "Business". What it means is that as long as something cannot bring the money and be patented - it does not have a place on the market. The same applies to "Free Energy", "Water Cars" and “Alternative Science”. Why science ? Because it is closely related to money. No money gain - no progress in science. The same rule applies to that what interferes with money gain. Ask yourself an honest question - "From the business point of view -  is it understandable to limit or completely eliminate the profit ?" Publicity (media) has almost total control over the demand of the market. Even my cats do not eat non advertised food. I guess I let them watch too much  TV. So - "Can CS be patented ?" - NO IT CAN NOT BE PATENTED - "Why ?" - It has been used in various forms long before "Patent Law" has been introduced to the Western World - in the time of Ancient Greece.


"If something has not been researched then we should not use it !!!" - some say. Do you know that "Magnetic Field" produce over 200 phenomena - where only 20 has been researched. All electric energy generation is based on  "Magnetic Field". CS has been researched and results published. Just look in the right place. You can even test it yourself - the most famous is a "Milk Test". 


Which substance - which is in every house and is consumed every day does not have a warning label "Beware!! Will cause death if overdosed!!!" - the law does not even put a requirement on this substance of which three table spoons will cause eminent death. Answer at the bottom.

Qualities of CS.

There are three clearly recognizable qualities: - Size of particles - Ionisation - Concentration "How to check CS for these three qualities?" - you can do it at home and you have at home everything what is needed.   The size of the particles as per research - should be between 1 to 3  nm - where mixture of 1, 2 and 3 nm particles is the best. "Why is that ?" - because one CS solution can be used for various uses - full spectrum of use. Small particles are best to deal with viruses and big particles to deal with bacteria and cyst like organisms including fungus. Bigger then 3 nm particles can make you "Blue" as they will deposit beneath the skin - nothing more than that unless you will drink few litres of CS in one go. The size of particles can be checked by the colour of the CS - whitish or yellow or amber are acceptable as the particle size influences the colour (assuming the concentration is 10 PPM as at higher concentrations it is not possible to assess CS by the colour). Modern  science established that the size of particles in production of CS can be established by the characteristic of electricity applied to the silver - this is how CS is made now days. Ionisation of the CS is present when CS is made. It will deteriorate if CS is: - Kept in non-glass container - kept in non-transparent container - light deionise the CS - Kept in non-metallized container - electromagnetic field and its components - magnetic and electric field deionise CS  The ionisation of the CS can be checked by adding salt to CS.  CS ions bond with salt and create whitish liquid. Concentration can be checked by using TDS Meter. Total Dissolved Solids Meter. The TDS Meter only shows the concentration of the particles - which by the research should be 10 Particles Per Millilitre for almost all uses. CS is made with distilled water and drinking a lot of distilled water is not good.


My cats eat all sorts of food - that was a joke. The extremely poisons substance everybody eats every day is a Salt - three table spoons kill an adult (it destabilise electric conductivity of the cells).

Transparent, whitish, yellow or amber CS is the best - the one kept in glass and covered by

metallized or metal foil away from electromagnetic field and its components - magnetic and

electric field. Tested positive for Ionisation with salt in 10 PPM concentration.